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Want to Love With Broken Heart

BOY: Darling! Want to love with broken heart or with heart broken?

GIRL: tell me, want to beat with break sandals or with sandal break?

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Conversation With God

Conversation With God

Me:- God can i ask u a question?
God:- sure
Me:- Y did u let so much stuffs happen 2 me today?
God:- what do u mean?
Me:- well i woke up late
God:- yes
Me:- my car took 4ever to start.
God:- okay
Me:- at launch dey made my food wrong n i had 2 wait.
God:- Hmmmmm
Me:- on the way home, my phone went dead
just as i want 2 pick a call
God:- all right
Me:- and on top of it all, when i got home, just want 2 soak my feet in my new foot massager n relax it would not work.
not in went right 2day! why did u do that?
God:- let me see the death angel was at your bed this morning and i had to send you 1 of my angel 2 battle him 4 your life i let u sleep through dat
Me:-[humbled]: oH
God:- i did not let ur car start bcoz there was a drunk driver on ur route thatwould have hit u if u were onthe road
God:- the 1st person who made ur lunch 2day was sick n i did not want u 2 catch what they have, i knew u could not afford 2 miss a work.
Me:-[embarrased ]: owk!
God:- your fone went dead cuz the person
dat was callin was going to give false
witnes about what u said on that i did
not even let u talk 2 dem so u would be
Me:-[sofly]: i see
God:- oh! dat foot massager, it had a
shortage dat was goin 2 throw out all of d power in ur house tonight. i did not think u
wanted 2 be in dark
Me:- i'm sorry GOD
God:- don't be sorry, just learn 2 trust me
in things, good and bad
Me:- i will trust u
God:- and dont doubt that my plan 4 ur
day is always better than ur plan
Me:- i won't GOD and let me just tell you
God:- u're welcome child. it was justanother day being your GOD and i lovelooking after my children. .

If There is Wonderful Relation

So true: -_-

"if there is wonderful relation between 2 people,

then there must be 1 of them who has Compromised a Lot !!"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Just Imagine The Moment

Just Imagine The Moment
Just Imagine The Moment:-

If a small cute BABY touches your face and laughs when u go near..

If Ur Loved Ones Hug U Tightly & Say I Love u..

If someone appreciates your beauty and talents..

If Ur Close Friend Says 'Tat You r My Best Friend'..

If u r In a Sea Shore Wit Your beloved, He/She Holds Ur Hands tightly n Lays On Your Shoulder & Say 'u r a Valuable Gift In My Life'..

Let all your imaginations come true..

Monday, September 24, 2012

A Boy Was Walking in Rain

A boy was walking in rain..

A Girl came: why didn't u share umbrella?

Boy : no its ok sister and walked away.

Moral: No moral voral, girl is not much special.

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Wife To Husband

Wife To Husband
Ek aadmi ki shaadi ke 3 mahine baad hi beta ho gaya.

Husband: ye 3 mahine mein beta kaise ho gaya.

Wife: aapki shadi ko kitne mahine hue.

Husband: 3

Wife: aur meri shaadi ko

Husband: 3

Wife: aur beta kitne mahine baad hua.

Husband: 3

Wife: total kitne hue.

Husband: haan Yaar vakai, 9 mahine ho gaye Time ka pata hi nahi chala.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Oh Keh Gaya ke Intezar na Kari

Oh keh gaya ke intezar na kari,
je main kaha vi ta aitbaar na kari,
jande jande keh gaya ke mainu tere naal mohabbat ni,
par fer vi tu kise hor nu pyar na kari..

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Ladka Ladki Se

Ladka Ladki Se
Ladka ladki se - Jaanu, Main tumse bhht pyaaar karta hu......

Ladki - Hahahahaa

Ladka - Jaan, Main tumhaare bina jee nahi sakta...

Ladki - Hahahahahaa

Ladka - Jaan, Main har hafte tumhaari activa ki tanki full karwa dunga.....

Ladki - Awwww.... Sachi......

Ladka - Hahahahahahahah ahahahahahahhah ah

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Advice For Life

Advice for life
Life is too Short . . . . . . . .
So Plz don’t waste ur time in removing pen-drive safely.
Aise hi khinch liya karo yaar..!!

I Went to a Couple of Car Dealerships

I Went to a Couple of Car Dealerships

I went to a couple of car dealerships last week. At first I stopped at was Kia. Well nothing caught my eye, but the price was right. Then I went to a Ford dealer. I didn't really find anything I liked, but every car had a pair of shoes in the trunk. At last I went to the Chevy dealer. Well I see one that I like. The dealer does the once over with me, then he pops the trunk. Disapointed, I looked at the dealer and said: "Well, theres something missing." The dealer puzzled asks: "What?" I said: "At the Ford dealership I checked out, they had a new pair of shoes in the trunk of every car!" Smiling the dealer says: "That's so they can walk home!"

A Must Read For All

A Must Read For All
A Must Read For All Those Who Love Their MOM:
Ek Raat wo Dair se Ghar Aaya,
Apni MAA ko Muntazir Paaya Maa ne kaha
"BETA, Jab tak Zinda hun, Jaldi Aa Jaya Kar"?
Wo Hansa aur kaha "Maa Tum to Bas ...
Waise hi har Waqt Tang karti ho "
Wo Muskurayi aur kaha "BETA Maa hun na teri, darti hun,
Ye duniya bahut buri Hai..!
Ab Wo hi Raaten hain Din Raat Bhatak raha Hun Darbadar,
Tanha Maa Chali Gayi Koi Nahi Intezaar karne Wala Samjhane wala Sacha Pyar karne Wala,
Aap Theek kehti Thi Main Galat tha,
Haan Maa Ye Duniya Zalim Hai Ab Dair se Nahi Aaungaa,
Naa hi Sataunga Jo kahogi Karunga Wapis Aa jaao Sirf Ek baar wapis Aa jao "MAA" ♥

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Kayi Dina To Uthe Swaalan Da

Kayi Dina To Uthe Swaalan Da Ajj Mainu jawab Labeya,

Kore Kagaj Te Ukre Alfaz Mere Ohna Wicho Jhalkde Dukhan Da Ajj mainu Hisab Labeya,

Kai Dina To Uthe Swaalan Da Ajj Mainu jawab Labeya,

Birha Wich Ugge Assi Rukha Jehe Maruthala Wich Sukhde Rukha da Ajj Mainu Hisab Labeya,

Kai Dina To Uthe Swala Da Ajj Mainu jawab Labeya,

Ishq De Wich Kyu Aashiq Marde Loka walo Wajde Taneya Da Ajj Mainu Tejab Labeya,

Kai Dina To Uthe Swala Da Ajj Mainu jawab Labeya,

"Main Marjane" Ne Likheya Ek Hor Kissa Kyu Ki Hazara Di Bhid Wicho Ajj Mainu Janab,

Kayi Dina Ton Uthe Swaalan Da Ajj Mainu jawab Labeya,

Kai Dina To Uthe Swala Da Ajj Mainu jawab Labeya.

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