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Some Facts You Might Not be Knowing About Indians

Movtivational shayari

1. 38% of doctors in america are INDIANS.
2. 12% scientist in America are INDIANS.
3. 28% of the IBM employees on the globe are INDIANS.
4. 36% in the NASA employees are INDIANS.
5. 17% of the INTEL employees on the globe are INDIANS.
6. 34% in the MICROSOFT employees are INDIANS.
7. Sanskrit is the mother language of all of the European languages. WHICH MEANS SWEDISH FAR TOO.
8. SANSKRIT is most suitable language for computer software reported in Forbes magazine, 1987.
9. CHESS was invented in INDIA.
10. Creator and founding father of HOTMAIL is really INDIAN (SABEER BHATIA).
11. Aryabhatta UN agency has been from Asian country, fancied the quantity ZERO
12. INDIANS invented the number SYSTEM.
13. ALGEBRA was conceived in INDIA.
14. CALCULAS and TRIGNOMETRY originated in INDIA.
15. The general manager of H . P . (HP) is INDIAN (RAJIV GUPTA).
07. Creator of the PENTIUM CHIP (90% in the today's Computer runs on it) is actually INDIAN (VINOD DAHM).
17. BHUDHYANA first calculated the worth of pi (3. 14), and he explained the thought of what is known as the Pythagorean theorem. he discovered this within the 6th century long before the European mathematicians.
18. We have almost 5600 distinct newspapers and 3500 different mags with approximately 120 million readers each day.
19. SUSHRUTA (from india) could be the father of SURGERY. 2600 season ago he and health somebody involving his time conducted difficult surgeries like --> artificial limbs, cracks, urinarystones and even plastic surgical procedures and surgery.
20. LAXMI MITTAL (steel king) could be the richest man in ENGLAND. His house in England could be the most expensive house on the globe, more than 70 million weight.
21. ALBERT EINSTEIN once claimed: - We own a lot towards the INDIANS, who taught us tips on how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific have been made.
22. INDIA has the THIRD largest army on the globe with more than 105 trillion men......
I'm Proud To Be An Indian... ) |
Happy republic day in Adavnce to everyone Indains
|Jai Bharat|.

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Definition of Time

Definition of Time
Definition of time!??
Slow.. when you wait!
Rapid.. when you are Late!
Deadly.. when you are Sad!
Limited.. when you are happy!
Almost endless.. when you are in Agony!
Long.. when you feel bore!
Every time, time is dependant upon your feelings and your psychological conditions & not by clocks...
Therefore.. Have A Nice Time Often!

History of Petrol Prices in India

History of Petrol Prices in India

2014 : Rs 81.31
2013 : Rs 78.56
2012 : Rs 73.53
2011 : Rs 63.08
2010 : Rs 44.55
2009 : Rs 40.62
2008 : Rs 50.60
2007 : Rs 42.00
2006 : Rs 43.51
2005 : Rs 40.49
2004 : Rs 33.70
2003 : Rs 31.50

Checkout how shockingly cheap petrol price was in 1989 :
i d'nt think about that......
Cos yaar tab to salary b petrol k daam se kam thi..

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Madhur Apni Gf Ke Ghar Dinner Par Gaya

Madhur Apni Gf Ke Ghar Dinner Par Gaya
Madhur apni gf ke ghar dinner par gaya,
uska stomach kharab tha us din.
Puri family dining table par aa k baith gayi,
gf ne puri household se madhur ko introduce karaya aur table par shaandar dinner rakha dekh madhur ke muh mein pani aa gaya.
GF's Daddy: - hello beta madhur,
how have you been?
Madhur: - m good sir,
aap sab kaise hain?
Aap logo ne mera itna khayal rakha aur itna warm welcome kiya iske liye thanks plenty.
Achanak madhur ke stomach mein gud-gud shuru ho gayi and also he Farted "Poooooooo.... "
Saare members ne madhur ki taraf dekha Aur uske baad madhur ke paas baithe huye GF ke dog Tommy ki taraf dekha.
GF's Daddy: - "Tommy... ye kya hai??
Chalo bhago yaha se. "
Tommy wahi baitha raha.
Madhur ne socha chalo achchha hua kisi ko pata nahi chala aur ilzam Tommy pe lag gaya.
a couple of min baad again madhur "poooooo....
Gf's Gusse Mein: - Tommy... Get out,
bhago yaha se...
Madhur fir se bahut khush hua.
Gf: -- sorry madhur,
ye kutta bhi na... Tommy bhago chalo jao,
hato madhur ke paas se..
Thodi der baad fir se madhur ke stomach ne saath chhod diya aur stomach ka pooo is baar kuchh zyada tez aawaz se nikla... "POOOOOONNNNNN......
GF's Father: - abey saale kutte jab wo ladka tere upar poty kar dega tab bhagega kya waha se... "....

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Did you know..??

Did you know..??

Did you know..??
* VIRUS - Vital Information Resource UnderSeized.
* 3G -3rd Generation.
* GSM - Global System for Mobile Communication.
* CDMA - Code Divison Multiple Access.
* UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunication System.
* SIM - Subscriber Identity Module .
* AVI = Audio Video Interleave
* RTS = Real Time Streaming
* SIS = Symbian OS Installer File
* AMR = Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec
* JAD = Java Application Descriptor
* JAR = Java Archive
* JAD = Java Application Descriptor
* 3GPP = 3rd Generation Partnership Project
* 3GP = 3rd Generation Project
* MP3 = MPEG player lll
* MP4 = MPEG-4 video file
*AAC = Advanced Audio Coding
* GIF= Graphic Interchangeable Format
* JPEG = Joint Photographic Expert Group
* BMP = Bitmap
* SWF = Shock Wave Flash
* WMV = Windows Media Video
* WMA = Windows Media Audio
* WAV = Waveform Audio
* PNG = Portable Network Graphics
* DOC = Document (Microsoft Corporation)
* PDF = Portable Document Format
* M3G = Mobile 3D Graphics
* M4A = MPEG-4 Audio File
* NTH = Nokia Theme (series 40)
* THM = Themes (Sony Ericsson)
* MMF = Synthetic Music Mobile Application File
* NRT = Nokia Ringtone
* XMF = Extensible Music File
* WBMP = Wireless Bitmap Image
* DVX = DivX Video
* HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
* WML = Wireless Markup Language
* CD -Compact Disk.
* DVD - Digital Versatile Disk.
*CRT - Cathode Ray Tube.
* DAT - Digital Audio Tape.
* DOS - Disk Operating System.
* GUI -Graphical User Interface.
* HTTP - Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
* IP - Internet Protocol.
* ISP - Internet Service Provider.
* TCP - Transmission Control Protocol.
* UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply.
* HSDPA - High Speed Downlink Packet Access.
* EDGE - Enhanced Data Rate for GSM[Global System for Mobile Communication] Evolution.
* VHF - Very High Frequency.
* UHF - Ultra High Frequency.
* GPRS - General Packet Radio Service.
* WAP - Wireless Application Protocol.
* TCP - Transmission Control Protocol.
* ARPANET - Advanced Research Project Agency Network.
* IBM - International Business Machines.
* HP - Hewlett Packard.
*AM/FM - Amplitude/ Frequency Modulation.
* WLAN - Wireless Local Area Network

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A Private Company Employee

A Private Company Employee
A Private Company Employee was rewarded the bicycle by his organization.
It was so beautiful but didn't have a very Carrier at the back,
so he requested to obtain it fixed.
When the cycle returned with the Carrier fitted,
he noticed that now the Stand isn't generally there,
so he asked about the actual missing Stand...
Organization said: There exists only one thing is achievable in Private Job,
If you consider STAND,
your CAREER will conclude,
and if you want to manufacture a CAREER so never take STAND....
Dedicated to all Private Business Employees.....

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Chori Chori Jatti Chamkila Sundi

Chori Chori Jatti Chamkila Sundi
Aam Banda Delhi WicH kill Laa Geya,
Vadde-Vadde KeeLe Raato-Raat Dhaa Geya,
Shad Gal kaL di Tu kar Kar Hun di,
Chori chori,,, chori chori,, chori chori,,,
Chori-Jatti ChamkiLa Sun's rays di...!!
Oye Aaundi a Aawaz Jatta Tun-tun Di,
Chori-Jatti ChamkiLa Sun di...!!
Chori-Jatti ChamkiLa Sun di...!!