Thursday, February 25, 2016

ICC World T20 2016

Mar 15: IND vs NZ        Nagpur
Mar 16: WI vs ENG       Mumbai
Mar 16: PAK vs Q2       Kolkata
Mar 17: SL vs Q1          Kolkata
Mar 18: AUS vs NZ      Dharmasala
Mar 18: SA vs ENG      Mumbai
Mar 19: IND vs PAK     Dharmasala
Mar 20: SA vs Q1         Mumbai
Mar 20: SL vs WI          Bangalore
Mar 21: AUS vs Q2       Bangalore
Mar 22: NZ vs PAK       Mohali
Mar 23: ENG Vs Q1      Delhi
Mar 23: IND Vs Q2       Bangalore
Mar 25: PAK Vs AUS    Mohali
Mar 25: SA vs WI          Nagpur
Mar 26: Q2 vs NZ         Kolkata
Mar 26: ENG vs SL       Delhi
Mar 27: IND vs AUS     Mohali
Mar 27: Q1 vs WI          Nagpur
Mar 28: SA vs SL          Delhi
Mar 30: Semifinal 1     Delhi
Mar 31: Semifinal 2     Mumbai
Apr 3   : FINAL             Kolkata

Rs 251 Mobiles Online

For all those who are trying to get Rs 251 mobiles online and are not succeeding, do not get disheartened...
Patanjali mobiles are being launched shortly by Ramdev Bells Haridwar RS 151....
Purely Ayurvedic Mobile...
It will emit only Neem and Pudina flavoured radiations....

How to Make 5 Crores in 6 Months

How to make 5 crores in 6 months :-
1. Make a mobile manufacturing company.
2. Make an announcement that we will sell smartphone for Rs.251/- delivery after 6 months.
3. Get foolish media attention (Free advertisement).
4. 50 lakh idiots will book your phone on 1st day.
5. 50lakh * Rs.251 = Rs.125crores.
6. Deposit 125 crores into Bank for 5 months. After six months get 125 crores + Interest approx 6 crores.
7. Return back Rs.251 to public saying "sorry we could not complete the order"
8. Go to world tour.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Share With All Lovely Ladies

 A man thanked God for giving him a good wife.
He asked God,
"why did u make my wife so loving & caring?"
God replied: "so that u love her"
The man further asked:
"Why did u make her so beautiful and gorgeous❓
God replied: "so that u love her"
The man again asked:
"Why did u make her an amazing cook"
God replied: "so that u love her"
The man then angrily asked:
"But then why did u make her such a fool❓
God said: "so that SHE CAN love you too...!
All wives ROCK..

Monday, February 15, 2016

A Punjabi Opened a Tea Stall

A Punjabi opened a Tea stall in China & Named it ""Punjab Tea Stall".
He got no business for a long time and was about to close down when someone told him to have a more Chinese Name for his tea stall if he wanted to succeed in China.
After struggling for a name he got grand success when he kept the new name.
"Ko Si Ko Si Chaa Fu Ke Fu Ke Pee.''

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Headlines of 2050

1. Rajnikant in DHOOM 22
2. Golmaal-15 ready 4 release.
3. Shahid, Saif attended Kareena's 8th wedding.
4. Petrol-984 rs/litre.
5. Shahrukh khan's daughter becomes a heroine
with Amitabh Bachhan in a luv story titled: Cheeni Khatam
6. CID completed 10,00,000 episodes.
7. Nokia launches new phone..wid facilities lyk...
20 sim card,500 gb in built memory, camera,music
player,TV,fridge & washin machine in phone.
8. Ram gopal varma's phoonk-23 again failed at
box office.
9. India beat brazil in fifa world
10. Nepal beats india by 10 wickets in cricket.
11. rahul gandhi still watching chhota bheem
12. Set Max Channel formally re-named as
13. Kejriwal speak --abhi hum hai ji ,hum fir ayenge ji.